Feedback from participants

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4 thoughts on “Feedback from participants

  1. Matthew Shores

    Two thumbs up!!

    I have attended interesting and engaging talks by Dr. Tinios and Dr. Moretti in the past, so I naturally wanted to take part in the March 2015 workshop.

    The workshop exceeded my expectations by far. The breadth of knowledge that the teaching staff possess is incredible. They also have large personal collections of original texts (and woodblocks) that they generously allowed the group to use to gain hands-on experience. The teaching staff are extremely well-connected with numerous libraries and museums, a couple of which we visited for special private tours and presentations.

    I strongly recommend this workshop for both the novice and the expert. Whether one is a scholar, curator, dealer, collector, or somebody with a general interest in Edo-period texts, it will allow one to take a step towards becoming a true specialist.

    This was an enriching experience, too, because it was a truly international collaboration. People came from all over the world to attend and it allowed me to make many new professional contacts, and friends.

    Thank you Dr. Tinios and Dr. Moretti. You were fabulous. I look forward to attending your workshops in the future.


  2. geli2803

    This workshop is a great opportunity to learn about the materiality of books from experts in the field. Dr. Moretti and Prof. Tinios are inspiring, enthusiastic and accessible in their teaching, and the training is hands-on. Also a chance not to be missed to see and engage with some of the great collections of pre-modern books held at the Cambridge University Library and the Fitzwilliam Museum.


  3. Sigfrid Östberg

    The workshop was a tremendously stimulating learning experience. As someone who has had few opportunities to really engage with the materiality of Edo books, these three days opened up a new world of appreciation for the craft of woodblock printing as well as the historical, cultural, and social aspects of publishing.
    The workshop provided multiple occasions where one could engage with rare and precious books up-close, either at one of the great libraries/museums in Cambridge or from the fine personal collections of Dr Moretti and Dr Tinios. The lectures were likewise inspiring and thought-provoking, brimming with enthusiasm and genuine knowledge.
    I am very grateful for having been able to take part and recommend the workshop to anyone who comes across Edo-period books in their research.


  4. Nicole Fabricand-Person

    This workshop was inspiring. I not only learned a great deal about decoding the bibliographic information in Japanese books of the 17th through 19th centuries, but also about connoisseurship—understanding the physical qualities of multiple impressions and editions. Interesting morning lectures were brought to life with the viewing of rare masterpieces at the University of Cambridge Library and the Fitzwilliam Museum in the afternoons. All sessions were taught with expertise and enthusiasm by Professors Moretti and Tinios. The enthusiasm was infectious and brought about an instant sense of comradery among members of the group, who were all approaching the material from different fields of interest. To put it succinctly, I learned a great deal in a short time and enjoyed every minute. Thanks!



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